How contagious is Corona Virus?

Corona virus is highly contagious and is transmitted via droplets which are carried in the air. This is the main reason why there is a distance of six feet from one person to another. Moreover, this novel coronavirus can thrive and survive on metallic, plastic, and organic surfaces in your homes and buildings.

How do you clean hard surfaces?

We are going to wear full-gear PPE as necessary and disposable latex gloves for cleaning your non-porous hard surfaces. Our cleaners will observe the guidelines of CDC in removing the dirt and soils on your hard surfaces. Likewise, we are going to use EPA accredited eco-friendly disinfectants as a final touch for killing the Corona virus and bacteria on these surfaces.

How do you clean carpets and draperies?

These soft and porous surfaces include your draperies, area rugs, and carpeted floors. When left uncleaned and moist, it becomes a good breeding ground for various pathogens and the novel coronavirus.

Our experienced cleaners will thoroughly clean and disinfect these surfaces based on the guidelines recommended by the CDC and OSHA. We have the proper knowledge on how to efficiently clean soft porous surfaces without damaging fiber or textile quality and construction.

For your area rugs and carpets, we can do an array of cleaning methods but the best is the hot water extraction process. Bacteria and viruses will be killed due to the pressurized hot water used to dissolve all dirt and grime sticking on the fibers.

After deep down cleaning is done, we will use EPA-licensed green disinfectants to kill any traces of the novel coronavirus left in your soft and porous surfaces.